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An Unbelievable Find!

This Saturday, January 30, at the Lake Shore Lodge Conference Center on Lake Estes, local residents will have their first-ever opportunity to view the 1914 Estes Park Alikasai, a short-lived summer newspaper previously written off as a fantasy, or a never-to-be-recovered artifact of Estes Park’s past. Since its inception, the Estes Park History Rescue Project (EPHRP) has been offering large sums of money for any 1914 Alikasai, both on its website and in full-page advertisements, without success. However, in early December 2009, a woman in upstate New York contacted EPHRP, asking if some early Estes Park newspapers in her possession were worth anything. Included among the dozen or so newspapers in her collection were two issues of the 1914 Alikasai. EPHRP spokesperson John Meissner will talk about the significance of this discovery, as well as some intriguing details of where these newspapers were originally cached, in the program “An Unbelievable Find” beginning at 3:00 p.m. in the Lake Shore Lodge mezzanine. As with all EPHRP-sponsored programs, the public is cordially invited, and both the 45-minute program and the refreshments that follow are free.

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