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Adopt A Duck Online!

Now it’s possible to adopt a duck in the 23rd annual Estes Park Duck Race online at

“The website is now up and running and ready to sell ducks,” boasted Don Widrig, the technological wiz who convinced the Rotary Club of Estes Park that selling duck adoptions online is the way to go.

“This is all a bit experimental for us,” explained Widrig. “We have no idea if this will boost duck adoptions or not, but we do know it will be a lot more convenient for several of the participating organizations, such as the Eagle Rock School, which relies heavily on parents and supporters scattered all over the country. Now, all you have to do is tell someone to adopt their ducks online at and you leave the hassle behind of having to mail out the forms then wait for a check to come in.”

Adopting ducks for the Duck Race is easy. All you have to do is go to the website, click on “Adopt Now” and enter your adoption choices. You can:

• Adopt as many ducks as you’d like for $21 each.

• Select a charity to benefit from each of your adoptions.

• Enter your name and contact information so the Rotary club can contact you if your adopted ducks win prizes.

• Pay for each adoption on-line with commonly recognized charge cards.

“The more ducks you adopt, the better your chances of winning a prize and the charities will thank you,” said Widrig. The $1 service fee tacked onto each ticket covers the cost of credit card processing and online expenses. “The organization they pick will still get $19 of the $20 cost of the duck ticket,” he said.

The Estes Park Duck Race also now has a Facebook® page that could prove beneficial.

“If I have 500 friends on Facebook and I send the Duck Race Facebook link to them and they send it to 500 of their friends, and there are 500-million Facebook pages in the world, who knows how many ducks will be adopted,” said Scott “Big Duck” Thompson, chairman of the Duck Race Committee. “This is just another move to take the Duck Race beyond the borders of the Estes Valley, give it broader exposure, make it easy and convenient to purchase tickets, and the ones who benefit are the 69 participating charities and organizations and all the people they help.”


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