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A Yes Vote For The Community Center

To The Editor:

I have lived in Estes Park since 1962 and I have seen much progress in the last 46 years. I have seen new schools, and now, completely remodeled schools with state of the art technology. I saw the birth of a hospital and now the completion of the expansion and remodeling of a fine hospital. We are now just missing one final piece of the pie to make this community a top notch place to live: A COMMUNITY CENTER.

Young families in our community, and young families looking to move into our community, are looking for education, medical care, and recreation, not necessarily in that order. Retired people moving into our community are looking for a quality of life that includes health care and recreation, and yes, they care about our young people’s education. We have a fine start on a trails system in our community and it is now time to move ahead with a community center. The community center can provide so many assists to our community, including day care and educational programs for both the young and old. A thriving community needs a community center. Just look at other communities in our area. As a taxpayer I cannot think of a better place to have it than the old primary school building by the swimming pool. A vote yes for the community center is a vote yes for our community.

Tony Paglia

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