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A Yes Vote For EVRPD Ballot Issues

Dear Fellow Citizens of Estes Valley:

Sometimes coincidences jolt me and cause me to ponder them. The events surrounding visits with our guests to Estes this summer went beyond that. They prompted me to action.

This recent series of coincidences started by a comment made by a guest while we were having breakfast. They were speaking about their visit to another Colorado mountain community and one of the most enjoyable aspects of their stay was the ability to walk out of their condo and to have direct access to nice walking trails.
At the same time we were enjoying a visit by our daughter and grandchildren. Every time they come to visit Estes they love to spend time at the Aquatic Center. When my son comes to visit, he brings his dogs.  He likes to take long walks with his dogs and but finds the opportunities for this very limited around Estes. And our daughter likes to take long runs and bike rides when she is here. The Lake Estes trail is very nice but it is concrete and in addition it is not long enough for her.

Now I read in Stan Gengler’s articles that improvements are being proposed for the Estes Valley Recreation District — funding for new trails and the construction of our own Community Center with a new recreation pool for children. Voila, the lights go on! Many of the proposed programs outlined in Stan’s articles will vastly enhance the recreation pleasures for ourselves and for our visitors to the Estes valley.

The Aquatic/Community Center additions will create more fun for our grandchildren and at the same time give my wife more freedom for her lap swims.

Everyone one will enjoy the opportunity for longer walks and a scenic trail system that is more natural and not concrete, i.e. easier on the old joints and invasive to the environment. The dogs also will find more options for exercise and walks with their owners. And on a cold and windy winter day this old man might take advantage of walks around the indoor walking path in the new Community Center.

Please join me in believing that we need improvements in our recreation District and vote ‘YES’ for the mill levy and bond issues on November 4 ballot issues 4C and 4D. Yes, let’s make good things happen.

Gary Matthews
Estes Park, Colorado

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