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A Vote For The Community And The Community Center

To The Editor:

As a parent and a teacher, I am thrilled about the possibility of a first-rate Community Center adjacent to the schools.

We are lucky to enjoy so many fantastic natural, cultural and civic resources already. Truly, we are no ordinary town. So I ask you to consider this: the proposal for building a Community Center is not an idea put forward without foresight and community input. It represents forward thinking by friends and neighbors asking the question: what type of community do we wish to be?

Having access to these facilities and programs right on the school campus provides solutions to about a dozen problems some parents face each week. It is also of great benefit to educators trying to provide after school alternatives to kids. Such a campus of community resources seems to be the sort of cleaver civic planning that makes good towns work well.

This center, in particular, would help to keep our children participating with their community. In fact all our lives are enriched by increased mutual connection. I believe many subtle lessons in decency, humility and wisdom are learned through informal interactions with others, particularly with our elders, say in sharing a meeting hall, or lap lane. I wish for more of these opportunities for our kids.

I look forward to coming out of the winter wind to find people enjoying the welcoming warmth, discussion and activity of the Community Center. I do hope, however, that my elders are gracious as they lap me on the walking track or in the swimming pool. Alas, if I must learn humility, I guess I may as well do so at the Community Center.

Todd Burke

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