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A Very Important Election

To The Editor:

We urge you to vote for Sandy Begley, Chuck Levine, and Duane Miller, for the Park Hospital District Board of Directors. We are confidant that Sandy, Chuck, and Duane are committed to support the mission of the Estes Park Medical Center (EPMC) and the desires of the community.

EPMC has worked hard for many years to provide appropriate services to this community that allow us to avoid going to the valley to receive care. We appreciate this. All of the departments at the Medical Center are strategically interrelated. For example, the Emergency Department depends heavily on the Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging to be successful. The Orthopedic Department depends upon Surgery and Physical Medicine to provide care. One department may appear more viable than another, but profitability is highly dependent upon accounting decisions dealing with the allocation of indirect costs.

One candidate, Christopher Reveley, by his comments, seems to have a personal agenda for change that does not appear to support all the services this Medical Center now provides, or the future partnering with the Anschutz Wellness Center in Aurora. The Medical Center is financially viable now, and of course we want it to continue to be viable in the future; hence, the push to develop the new Wellness Center service line. In addition we also want the present services, as well as the excellent Physician, Nursing, and Ancillary staff that the hospital has worked hard to provide, to continue to be available, including Prospect Park Living Center.

For these reasons we urge you to support Sandy, Chuck, and Duane.

John Cooper M.D. and Philip Moenning – past Presidents of the Park Hospital District Board

Dona Cooper RPT, retired EPMC Physical Therapist and

Tara Moenning, MT(ASCP), retired Director of EPMC Laboratory Services


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