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A Tribute To Robert Slizeski

To The Editor:

It has been interesting for me, and humbling, to become part of Crossroads Ministry, and to learn of the numbers of extraordinary people who have been part of and who have made valuable contributions to the organization, over its 25 years of service to the Estes Park community. One of the most distinguished of these was Robert Slizeski.

Many of you knew him and many of you read of his life of outstanding accomplishments in the newspaper in his obituary. It was an honor to attend services that celebrated a life of strong personal faith that touched so many other lives in so many exceptional and positive ways. I was proud when they mentioned his service as one of the early Executive Directors for Crossroads Ministry, in 1987-1988.

Although I am new to Estes Park and did not have the privilege to become acquainted with Robert Slizeski, I think I know something about him. It is – that part of his great heart of compassion and caring for other people stayed with Crossroads Ministry over the many years after he was the Director. This is evidenced in part by his faithful monthly contributions. His dependable gifts helped make it possible that people in hardship situations had food to eat, stayed warm, had a roof over their heads, and received the medical attention they needed. What a wonderful legacy this extraordinary man left behind in this community.

Virgil Good
Crossroads Ministry

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