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A Letter To Thank Her Angels

To The Editor:

On Thursday morning, May 7th, I tripped and fell onto the sidewalk downtown. As I fell I hit my head pretty good and landed very hard on my face. Since this day I have been wanting to write a letter of appreciation to all the sweet angels God sent my way. And even though this is written a month later, it is still filled with just as much thankfulness and love from me. God sent many miracles my way that day to include no broken bones and I thank Him first of all for the love, protection, and healing He gave me. I also thank Him so much for all the sweet angels he sent my way from the first moment I fell thru the next few days.

These angels are: Vickie Cody, who came rushing out of a store to help me and stuck with me to the end; two young gentlemen, one on a bike who rushed to help me and another who works at the YMCA who stayed with me while Vickie was getting ice, etc. (please forgive me I do not remember your name but I thank you so much for helping to calm me down some); Kim Parks and Marlys Decker for their advice, Officer Gregg Filsinger, who was so nice and who stayed with me with the paramedics and until he was sure I could get back to my apartment safely; the Paramedic crew, Jeff Osanko and Dave Coleson, who also were so nice and stayed with me until they were sure I was okay; Caren Butler and Mary Strate, who were both so sweet to take time out of their busy days to drive me around the rest of the day so I could continue on to take care of two precious four-legged friends who were waiting on me to feed and walk them. Last but certainly not least, I wanted to mention these two sweet four-legged angels God sent my way to watch over me and provide the healing love I needed through the next few days: Estes the tabby cat and Lucy the part lab I was pet-sitting with.

I have to tell a quick story of one example of Lucy’s tender nursing care she provided two nights later after my fall. I have to explain first of all that she is blind. She was sleeping soundly in her chair across the room and I still had a slight headache and was tossing and turning also from some of the bruises. All of a sudden she started whining but when I tried to take her out she was not interested. Back in her chair again, she started whining again and then ran over to my bed, jumped up and nestled next to me and proceeded to lick the whole right side of my face (the side I had hit my head on but had not fallen on). She did that only that one night and I still wonder in awe about it.

So as you can see I had to write this thank-you letter to all of you but I know it will never be enough for how I appreciated each and every one of you. You will all always be my angels!

Cindy Hoyle

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