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A Heartfelt Thanks From Estes Park Mayor Bill Pinkham

To The Editor:

After heavy snow and hot weather, Estes Park experienced an exceptionally heavy spring runoff in early June. Although we are accustomed to runoff, community members and our Town government had to respond quickly in order to minimize the impact of the unusually high rivers to our community. Although I was out of the country, I was kept informed and was reassured and proud to see the prompt and coordinated responses of the Town staff, our supporting agencies and our local residents.

I would like to thank volunteers from the Estes Valley Fire Protection District for being available at a moment’s notice to respond to the emergency and assist with sandbagging. Additional volunteers from the Community Emergency Response Team and the Estes Park Police Auxiliary also quickly responded to fill sand bags to help residents protect their properties from flood waters. Many of these volunteers even brought family members to help. We appreciated the additional assistance from Larimer County Emergency Services and the Red Cross.

When waters were cresting and crews were filling sand bags late into the night, local restaurants including Sweet Basilico and Poppy’s brought food and drinks to keep everyone going. Other local businesses also supplied food without leaving their names. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. The volunteers greatly appreciated your gifts as the night wore on.

You might be interested to know that the Town of Estes Park, with assistance from Larimer County, supplied 43 individuals and organizations with enough materials to make nearly 3,000 sand bags for use in protecting their property. The Town operated the sand bag facility on Elm Road whenever it was needed and assisted the public with filling and loading bags – free of charge. The Town also used around 2,000 sand bags to fortify the banks in public areas.

My thanks, also, to the Town staff, particularly those from Public Works, the Police Department, Communications Center and Public Information, for their tireless efforts to monitor the safety of our Town and assist our community members in every possible way. We can rest more easily knowing that these public servants are looking out for our community’s safety and welfare 24 hours-a-day.

Congratulations and thanks to all. You showed how we can come together as a community to respond to local emergencies.

Bill Pinkham, Mayor

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