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A Common Goal For All In Estes Park-To Coexist With Bears

Rick Spowart of Colorado Parks and Wildlife spoke to the crowd. EP NEWS/ Gary Hazelton

On Tuesday, the Estes Park Restaurant Group, business and homeowners met at the museum to discuss a hot topic, “Wildlife-Friendly Ways to Stash Your Trash.”

Representatives from Waste Management, Inc., Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the Town of Estes Park Police Department and Larimer County Health and Environment were on hand to lead a discussion with the goal of improving our community relationship with bears and other wildlife in the Estes Valley and to keep our wildlife alive and wild.

The goal, which was apparent from all agencies represented was to be able to coexist with wildlife, bears in particular.

The new group, Bears Are Us were commended at the meeting for coming up with helpful tips for coexisting with bears and they have a plan to recognize restaurants and businesses who take care of their trash and aren’t an attraction to wildlife in any way.

This has been and will continue to be, a big challenge for everyone, restaurants, businesses and homeowners yet if we all work together, get bear resistant trash containers and are responsible and accountable, we learned we can peacefully coexist with the bears.

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