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A Big Thank You For Help In Rocky

To The Editor:

On August 26th, while vacationing in Estes Park I had the unfortunate experience of falling on a hiking trail in RMNP and broke both bones in my left forearm. I want to thank all the good Samaritans who came along on the trail that day. A special thanks to Ed & Jenny whose last names we never learned. Thanks to Ed for making the 911 call and for both who stayed for several hours with me. A thank you to the man who gave up his ice pack and for the man who said an open prayer for me. A big thank you for the RMNP rangers, EMT/paramedic staff who provided medical care, assisted me and carried me a mile back to an awaiting ambulance. This entire crew was not only professional, but they were very caring. It was obvious that this wasn’t just a job and a paycheck, they treated me like I was their mother, always checking on how l felt or what they could do to make me more comfortable. Unfortunately I never learned any of their names. Thanks also to the ambulance crew from Estes Park Medical Center they were terrific and caring. Once I arrived and until my release from the medical center several days later, I received very good care. A special thanks to Dr. Aaron Florence, the emergency room staff and all the nurses and nurse assistants for such quality care while I was a patient.


Shirley Gal

Colchester, IL

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