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A Thank You From The McLaughlins

To Our Community:

On July 8th, Lloyd was hit and injured by a pickup truck while riding his bicycle. We want to take this opportunity to thank the First Responsers- the EP Fire Department and Police Department, the EPMC Ambulance Crew, the EPMC Emergency Room Staff, Jeff Hemstreet MD, Cindy Ballinghoff RN, the Diagnostic Imaging Department, the staff of Family Medical Clinic- who kept Judy updated by phone until she could get home from Loveland and then hugged her as many times as she needed while waiting for the CT reports. We thank Pastor Frank Johnke for his loving support, our many friends and neighbors who have showered us with cards, calls, hugs, meals and concern. We feel truly blessed to live in a community with top-notch emergency services and terrific personal support.

As with any traumatic situation, the details sometimes are skewed a bit as the story is passed on. There are two items that need to be publically corrected.

• We have heard a rumor that this was a “hit and run.” Not true. The driver stopped and from all reports, was very cooperative.

• Also, some incorrect facts about how the police handled the information given to us. Again, not the case. We were given insurance information, pictures, and a detailed report of the accident in a timely manner and we give high praises to the professionals involved and their handling of the situation.

So to our community we say thank you. You are the best. Once the fractures heal and bruises fade, you will again see Lloyd on his bicycle. Our continued plea will be, when you are riding a bike always wear a helmet!

Judy and Lloyd McLaughlin

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