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700 Marathons In 700 Days!

Australian Tom Denniss started the first leg of his 29 000km (18 000 miles) run around the world officially on January 1, 2012.

To raise money for Oxfam, Tom will run the equivalent of 700 marathons in 700 days, hoping to create a Guinness World Record for the “Fastest Circumnavigation of the Earth on Foot” which has never been achieved before. He will run on every continent except for Antarctica and visit more than 20 countries.

Tom started at the Sydney Opera House with his first “warm-up” leg taking him to Bondi Beach on New Year’s Eve and has just completed the first leg of the run in New Zealand ahead of schedule and arrived in San Francisco to commence the US leg which will take close to nine months.

“My motivation to take on this challenge is two-fold, I want to raise money for a worthwhile charity while also experiencing a once in a lifetime adventure,” Tom said. “I chose Oxfam to support because, as I am running around the world, I wanted a charity that assisted, not just those in Australia, but people from all parts of the globe”.

Tom, who is the founder of OceanLinx, a renewable energy company, said the areas he is most looking forward to running are, over the Andes from Chile into Argentina, running along the rim of Grand Canyon, and across the Nullarbor on his final leg back home through Australia.

“Most people when they travel only see a very small part of the world around them, I’ll being doing it all at a much slower pace, not just seeing the ever-changing countryside, but hearing and smelling it too.

Tom will have a support crew driving the course with him, including his wife Carmel and their close friend, Libby O’Neill. They will be transporting the gear, providing drinks and food and chronicling the journey through photographs, social media and media updates.

Throughout the adventure Tom will share his location through the use of a GPS tracker and will be regularly blogging and using social media to share his stories and photos each day in virtual real time.


Twitter: @tomsnextstep

Facebook: Tom’s Next Step



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