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2nd Quarter Visitor Survey Results Are Released

About half of those who visited Estes Park in April, May and June – 51 percent – experienced the area for the first time according to second quarter results from a year-round study of visitation that was released this week.

Other information being collected from the study includes how much people spend while here and demographics such as age, level of education, and household income. Among the measurements provided by the study are the respondent’s experience while here compared to their expectations and what other communities were considered for their trip.

While summer visitor surveys have been conducted for more than 20 years, this is the first year-round study conducted. The new research about Estes Park visitors is being conducted by Guest Research, Inc. of Denver for the Estes Park Local Marketing District (LMD). The study began in January and will continue through December.

“The information being gathered will enable us to determine, by season, the visitor profile, the buying process, the visitor experience, visitor attitudes and awareness. In turn, the information will be used to drive the LMD’s marketing strategy including media allocation, branding, and positioning,” said LMD Executive Director Peggy Campbell.

Survey takers ask individuals visiting Estes Park for their email address and where they’re from prior to transmitting that information to Guest Research, Inc. Those respondents are then sent an email with a link to the on-line survey. A total of 2,467 completed surveys were received during April, May and June.

According to the study, during the second quarter of the year, overnight visitors spent an average of $567 during their stay as compared to $76 spent by those who come for the day. Respondents were nearly equally divided between day trip and overnight visitors; 49 percent of returned surveys were completed by overnight visitors, 46 percent were from day visitors.

Half of all those responding to the survey came with just one or two people; 35 percent had three to five people in their party. Of those visiting, 61 percent were between the ages of 38 and 63. The day and overnight visitor respondent group was highly educated, with 38 percent reporting that they had a college degree; 33 percent a post-graduate degree and 10 percent had done work toward a graduate degree.

The respondents’ household income reported were: 21 percent with salaries of $100,000 to $149,999. Another 21 percent reported income of $75,000 – $99,000 while 22 percent said their household income was between $50,000 and $74,999.

Compared to expectations, 55 percent of the respondents rated their overall visit experience “much better” or “somewhat better,” including 29 percent who indicated is was “much better.”

Of those who visited, 68 percent said they had not considered any other destination for their trip. Of those indicating they considered another Colorado destination, the most frequently-cited destinations were Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, Vail/Beaver Creek and Breckenridge. Other communities cited were Breckenridge, Glenwood Springs, Winter Park, Aspen, Steamboat Sprints, and Grand Lake.

When selecting Estes Park as a place to visit, 87 percent of the respondents said they were looking for a “relaxing mountain getaway.” Other primary factors in deciding to visit here were wildlife viewing (82 percent), Rocky Mountain National Park (80 percent), outdoor recreation (69 percent) and low cost and/or good value (55 percent).

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