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2008 CSAP Highlights

Park R-3 Superintendent Linda Chapman’s Preliminary Summary

The Park R-3 students continue to show growth in the achievement of the Colorado Model Content Standards as measured by the CSAP (Colorado Student Assessment Program.) The district is proud of these results, and despite a year of intense construction campus-wide, gains can be seen by the lower number of students scoring unsatisfactory or partially proficient and the much higher numbers scoring in the proficient category. There was a slight decrease in the number of students scoring advanced.

In 2008-Out of 27 tested areas-100% are above the state average

In 2007-Out of 27 tested areas-89% (24) were above the state average

In 2008-Out of 27 tested areas-52% (14) had higher proficient and advanced scores than in 2007

In 2008-The percentage of advanced scores increased in 11 of the 27 areas tested over 2007

In 2008-Reading showed the most improvement over all with an average of 89% of students stable or improved.  Writing had 86% stable or improved. Math had 70% stable or improved.

Among 605 matched pairs in READING 2007-08:

# Unsatisfactory Scores:
2007- 37
2008-34    (-3)

# Partially Proficient Scores:
2008-96    (-19)

# Proficient Scores:
2007 – 380
2008 – 405    (+25)

# Advanced Scores:
2007 – 73
2008 – 70    (-3)

Areas needing improvement:
Math-more precisely align curriculum with standards, especially in grades 6, 7, 8
Writing-focus on paragraph writing
Reading – continue to implement effective interventions PK-12
Science -align new curriculum to newly developed state standards
Achievement Gaps-Special Education, Lower Socio-Economic Status, English as a Second Language, Boys in Writing

Increase curricular extensions for all students.

The State of Colorado has a new “growth model” which will be unveiled on August 15 for the 2008 scores. As of 2007, Estes Park’s growth looked very good. The model compares all students with a certain scale score to all others in the state and then determines the appropriate growth.  Our students were growing in all areas – reading, writing and math – in 2007 at approximately the 50th to the 60th percentile. This is above the median growth for all students in Colorado. The state calculates that the 50th percentile indicates one year’s growth in one year. More in-depth analysis of the growth in achievement is will be available in mid-August.

The 2008 CSAP results will be shared with the Board of education at their meeting on August 11 at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Meeting Room. Please contact Director of Instruction, Susan Flores or your building principal for more information.

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