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Soldier Thanks The Homeiers

To The Editor:

As a member of the United States Armed services, we deal with a lot of difficult situations. We sometimes do not get recognized for our sacrifices. I have just found that there are people in Estes Park who are appreciative of our efforts. I would like to recognize Richard and Cathy Homeier of Optical Perspectives in Upper Stanley Village for their compassion and kindness.

At the end of August, I am going to be deployed for the third time to Iraq. I am here in Estes Park on leave visiting my parents. I needed to replace my glasses for a sturdier, scratch resistant pair. On Monday July 7, I went into Optical Perspectives and told them my situation. When I picked up the glasses on Wednesday, they refused to accept my money, stating this was their way of thanking a soldier for his service. Not only did I receive the glasses I ordered, but they provided darkening lenses and now, I don’t need to hassle with sunglasses. Their kindness is going to make my job easier.

So often we soldiers wonder if our sacrifice and service is appreciated. Mr. and Mrs. Homeier, by their gracious gesture, have shown me that what I’m doing is valued and I thank them.

Spc. Daniel E. Williams

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