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KREV Radio Receives Grant

KREV Radio, 104.7FM – non-profit, commercial-free, community radio in the Estes Valley has been offered a two-part grant by the Gay and Lesbian Fund of Colorado. The station will receive a $1,500 direct grant to help pay for programming upgrades and utility expenses. An additional $1,000 grant in matching funds will be provided, for new business and private contributions during the next year. They offer a tax-deductible underwriter membership, at $400 a year, for those wishing to be recognized on the air three times a day, during that year. Other donations will be acknowledged with a contribution form for tax deductions. Potential underwriters, please call the station and leave a message at 577-1312, for more information. Those wishing to make donations can send contributions to KREV Radio, c/o The United Methodist Church of Estes Park; 1509 Fish Hatchery Road; Estes Park, CO 80517.

KREV plays an eclectic mix of Big Bands, Smooth Jazz, Classical, Folk Music, and Old-Time Radio. “What’s the Word,” “Footlight Parade,” and “Into the Music” provide history and commentary on a variety of entertainment topics. The newest show, ”Mornings With Mickey” is a mix of 50s and early 60s music and trivia. All programming is done by volunteers. Their program guide is listed in this paper every Friday. KREV is now simultaneously streaming their broadcast on the internet at and providing direct feed of their broadcast over the Estes Park town information channel (channel 12).

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  • Richard Blew

    My wife and I would like to thank you for the last 4-1/2 months of “unique” musical programming on KREV. She and I are from the Kansas City, MO area, but have worked all summer as seasonal staff at the YMCA of the Rockies. Being without TV during our stay frankly forced us to seek other entertainment, so we turned to radio. Shortly after arriving at the Y, I happened to tune in to your station when you were playing several Bix Beiderbecke hits on your “oldtime jazz” program in the evening. I’m afraid you had me at that point. (I was born & raised in Iowa, and was introduced to Bix’s music by my dad over 50 yrs ago. Bix became a lifelong favorite of mine.) However, since then, my wife and I have enjoyed the wide variety of other music you folks offer in your programming. Many times we have wished that you would announce the artists (we can understand why you don’t with the range of selections you play, and the break in continuity if you did), but sometimes it’s just fun to try to guess an old 40′s or 50′s song or artist. BUT…I am forced to inquire about a men’s vocal group which I’ve heard a few times. Most recently was tonight (Sun, Oct 18th, 2008) at about 10:15pm. They were singing “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” — the old Simon and Garfunkel hit. The men’s group has a “barbershop” feel to it at times, and I would appreciate it very much if you could perhaps tell me the name of this group. (I’ve also heard them sing “The Long & Winding Road” by Paul McCartney.)

    Again, thank you for keeping us company this summer.

    Richard and Sue Blew, of Oak Grove MO

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