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“Cougars Of Colorado” Presentation In Estes Park

Colorado’s cougars, cryptic and rarely seen, contribute to the richness and complexity of our State’s ecosystems. As humans increasingly encroach on their habitat, they live well in our backyards as new, cutting-edge research on the Front Range shows. While big native cats live well with us, can we tolerate them?

Come learn more about Colorado’s largest wildcat and how common sense precautions can eliminate potential negative encounters. Join WildEarth Guardians, Sierra Club, Cougar Fund, and Colorado Mountain Club in Estes Park as we host a presentation entitled: “Cougars of Colorado.”

Carnivore Specialist Wendy Keefover will discuss cougars’ natural history, ecology, conservation, management, and tips for living and recreating in cougar country.

Lead by Mat Alldredge, PhD, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) conducts research on human and cougar interactions. CPW biologists will present results from their Front Range study. You will be surprised to learn how proximate we live to cougars.

The event in Estes Park will be on: Tuesday, August 21, 7 p.m. at the Estes Park Town Hall, located at 170 MacGregor Ave., Rooms 201-203.

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